What Is Stream Portal?

Stream Portal is a sidebar gadget for Windows Sidebar supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is the follow up of FM Jukebox and TV Jukebox with combined support for TV and radio streams.

Multilingual, skins support, one-click channel updates, and automatic notifications whenever new versions are out.

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Windows 8 users look here

Among many other great features appreciated by the users, Microsoft also removed support for gadgets in Windows 8.

Special thanks to Anders Lindholm for reporting a solution for Sidebar Gadgets in Windows 8. The solution is called 8GadgetPack.
Link: 1 | 2

Channels Database

Add a New Channel
Browse/Repair Channels

How do I repair a broken channel?
- Click the Browse channels link above. You can update and complete channel information directly from the selected channel profile.

Language Packs

Create/Edit Translations Online
Download Translations

User Tip: Bring StreamPortal on top

Quickly bring StreamPortal on top of your applications by pressing the keys [Win] + [G].

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Windows Sidebar on Windows XP

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